What’s it like to work for Microsoft?

Day 1: They gave me a Surface Pro 3 to use. A Surface Pro 3. 

This was a huge day for me. I couldn’t believe they lent me a Surface Pro 3 to use for my co-op term at Microsoft. Rewind to the start of university when I had picked up a Surface of my own. Again, a huge day for me. Not only could I use my Surface Pro 3 at home for my web dev and graphic design… I could now do the same at work. I swear to God, my job doesn’t even feel like a job. I’ve heard that’s a good thing!


Day 84: Microsoft has invested in me, a co-op student, and has upgraded me to a Surface Pro 4. They might even let me keep it. I think this might be the single greatest day of my life.

Day 85: I couldn’t go more than a day without adding to the blog, just because of how productive I am on my new Surface!

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P.S. I’m on the Xbox team, I’ll go into more detail next time.

– Pat


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