Xbox showed me the revolutionary way to love my life

Punch in, punch out.

Nope, not here.

As many of you may know… I had the pleasure of spending 8 months on the Xbox team at Microsoft.

There’s only one problem. How am I supposed to snap back to reality after being in the Rolls Royce of jobs?

Many people face that reality of clocking in and out everyday in a mundane job.


Fast Forward 6 months…

It’s now been 6 months since I finished my co-op term. But it still feels like I’m in that Rolls Royce (it’s a figure of speech… I wish I had a Rolls) and I have no plans of ever accepting a boring life

Maybe that’s the key… a slight mindset shift.

I’ve stopped accepting life as it’s supposed to be, and started making it more of what I want it to be. 


New mindset = new dream job

Damn. Maybe this mindset shift actually works. I managed to land another dream job. I find it hard to believe that it’s a coincidence.

Can’t wait ’til January to start the next chapter of my life at – a startup in Canada’s Silicon Valley (Kitchener-Waterloo area).

I’ll be doing my third and final co-op term there for 4 months.

I guess my chance to be in an amazing workplace with a great culture is not over.


Working at Xbox showed me that it’s not impossible to love your job. I enjoyed every minute there, and now realize that after I graduate, 22-65 doesn’t have to be dreadful. Big shocker: you don’t have to hate your job.

If I can drive an imaginary Rolls Royce, so can you.


PS… for all those asking what I actually did at Microsoft

It’s nicely summed up in this video:


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